Санкт-Петербургский государственный университет



Regular activities

  • Regular scientific seminars at the Department of Physics (Saint Petersburg State University) which encourage both school and university students to discuss their research projects with the academic community. Any of these students receives immediate qualified support from university professors. As for2004—2007, these seminars usually take place at least once a week, in Peterhof and on Vasilyevsky Ostrov (Saint Petersburg)
  • regular international English-language scientific conferences and preparatory seminars with teams from Europe (Poland, Belarus, etc.);
  • local YPT in Saint Petersburg which initially invited students from European Russia, but currently involves participants from all of Russia. More than 10 teams take part in these tournaments annually;
  • experience in hosting several Russian National selective YPTs;
  • encouraging students in language learning (’English for Special Purposes’ programs, tight collaboration with specialized language centres in Russia and abroad, published researches in methodology of scientific language learning).
  • promotion of physics and natural sciences through media (regular questions and demonstrations on physics for the weekly ’Igra Uma’ TV show, aired nationwide in Russia on Petersburg-Channel 5 and in radio version on Radio Petersburg);
  • annual Science Festival (expo of physical gadgets and experimental demonstrations);
  • annual Physics Summer Camp (resort facilities + intensive physics learning + preparation for IYPT and other international conferences and contests);
  • continuing to work with former YPT-participantswhen they become university students (participation in the Ukrainian tournament for university students, organization of a special scientific contest for university students, organization of regular seminars and international conferences)

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