Санкт-Петербургский государственный университет



November 3, 2005


The annual POISK Centre’s section on General Physics has been held at the ’Physics and Progress’ young scientists’ conference at Saint Petersburg State University (November1—3, 2005).

The presented researches were on problems in hydro- and aerodynamics, vibromechanics, optics and electrostatics. The participants included Ivan Yamschikov, Mikhail Walkowsky, Andrey Uskov, Arseny Lunyov, Artyom Rusanov, Dmitry Zhelezov, Ilya Martchenko.

Many participants of the conference had a previous experience at IYPT and remembered its unique atmosphere that improves both intellectual and spiritual conditions of participants. Some of them have decided to present the most interesting problems from previous tournaments that possibly were not presented or discussed before. However, the section invited reports on any topic in physics, not only the IYPT problems.

The methods of preparation work and the mutual international experience in solving and presenting problems were also among topics at the Conference. «The Conference has been especially interesting for those who worked with school students as a team leader and helped them in preparation», POISK Centre said.

The abstracts book is available here.

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