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March 14, 2006


Ilya Martchenko is co-authorof a research in applied linguistics presented at the 35th International Philological Conference (Saint Petersburg State University, March13—18, 2006).

The research was titled ’Acquisition of a Foreign Language as a Language of Professional Communication: Error Analysis’ [1] and was centered on the question: if a physicist learns a new foreign language and needs active communication in physics, what is the classification of his typical errors and how the number of these errors may be minimized.

The co-authorsof this study included Dr. Dmitry Lisachenko (physicist, the founder of the Centre du Français Scientifique), Ilya Martchenko (physicist, CFS, POISK Centre), Maria Sorkina, Irina Kravchenko (philologists at the Faculty of Philology, Saint Petersburg State University).

The experimental research has shown the classification of errors for different learners (including specialists (physicists) andnon-specialists) and for different communication strategies. The statistical analysis has helped to determine the distribution of errors made in written translations of texts in physics/science/IT.

This study continues a long cooperation between the Centre du Français Scientifique, the POISK Centre, the Department of Physics and the Faculty of Philology.

The POISK Centre always encourages YPT participants to learn languages and considers it very important for Russian IYPT teams to develop excellent language skills. The POISK Centre’s efforts help expanding international collaboration and help making Russian teams competitive at IYPT.

The results of the ongoing research and regular educational programs at POISK Centre are very important to encourage YPT participants to choose active strategies needed to successful language acquisition.


[1] Д.А. Лисаченко, И.А. Марченко, М.Е. Соркина, И.И. Кравченко. Анализ ошибок при изучении иностранного языка как языка профессиональной коммуникации. Материалы XXXV Межд. фил. конф., СПбГУ, 13—18 марта 2006 г.

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