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December 15, 2005


The POISK Centre analyzes recent Russian performances at 18th IYPT (2005) and compares their views on the future of YPT with the aims and strategies of Belarus, silver winner of 18th IYPT.

The results of the Russian team selected by POISK Centre, still excellent, cannot overshadow the victory of 2004, when the team ended at the 4th place in the ranking table and won bronze medals. The experience of the 2005 has much helped to analyze and clarify the primary goals, strategies and values to improve the preparatory phase and organizing system of local YPTs.

Comparing the performances in 2004 and in 2005 and analyzing international experiences since late 1990s, the POISK Centre concludes that current problems cover not only the depth of knowledge in physics, and not only the level or independence of the research projects, but the self-confidence in explaining and defending the research and language skills.

These conclusions are almost identical to the conclusions made by Belarus, another post-soviet nation that has won silver at 18th IYPT. Belarusian strategy and advanced methods of preparation made it possible to achieve an outstanding performance at IYPT and almost share the victory with the winner (the difference in points was at the order of 10—3).

Anatoly Slobodyanyuk and Leonid Markovich, the Belarusian team leaders and the founders of YPT in Belarus, have outlined the principal reasons of the Belarusian success [1]. These reasons seem to be almost identical to the aims announced by POISK Centre in 2004:

* necessity to have outstanding language skills needed to explain the research in physics without hesitation (which is already a common international practice) — only then the participants may focus on discussing physics and not on overcoming language barriers;

* necessity to develop skills to present a structured solution and explain a giant amount of obtained results in 12 min.

* necessity to effectively work with English-language scientific literature in order to be familiar with all information relevant to the discussed phenomena.

[1] А.И. Маркович, Л.Г. Слободянюк. XVIII Международный турнир юных физиков. Фiзiка: Праблемы выкладання, № 6 (47), 2005. — стр. 41—52.

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