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February 16, 2007


The international Young Scientists’ Conference has been held at POISK Centre, involving participants from Warsaw University (Poland) and Saint Petersburg State University (Russia).

The participants have presented research works on various challenging problems in physics. University students Jan Gutt (Warsaw), Ivan Yamschikov (Russia), Andrey Uskov (Russia) and Ilya Martchenko (Russia) were among reporters.

All participants of the conference were awarded by Dr. Igor Mašek, Dr. Konstantin Ershov and Dr. Alexander Chirtsov, dean of the Department of Physics, Saint Petersburg State University.

Andrey Uskov (Russia) and Ivan Yamshikov (Russia) have presented their researches in hydro- and aerodynamics.

«The Janek Gutt’s report was on the Lagrange mechanics. He introduced all the notions from the very beginning, and then showed how these notions may be used to solve an old YPT problem concerning the oscillatory motion of a mass hanging on a spring», wrote on theirWeb-pageTomasz Odrzygóźdź, a Polish attendee and participant.

«After Janek’s report we have heard an incredibly interesting presentation in linguistics prepared by Ilya Martchenko. He has shown the similarities among languages, Polish, Russian, French, English, and has explained how he had mastered the Polish language in such a short time, at a level sufficient to make a fluent report», said Tomasz. The lecture included curious examples of language practices by physicists Thomas Young, André-Marie Ampère, and even Richard Feynman who had preferred to give lectures and seminars in Portuguese with almost no experience in that language. The study, made in collaboration with the Centre du Fran?ais Scientifique, was on the close similarities among scientific terminology and grammar in many Indo-European languages that makes it quite simple for a physicist to understand scientific texts or lectures, even in an unfamiliar language. The reporter has analyzed his own recent experience, when few days earlier he had presented a physics report in in Polish, «while he had been learning this language for only 3 weeks before the event», as Tomasz Odrzygóźdź specified.

«This conference was a wonderful experience in international scientific cooperation. We feel that such meetings are of priceless value to expand interaction between youth physics community and to give young physicists a chance to meet other enthusiasts with the same interests. We are quite sure that such events will take place on a regular base», said the POISK Centre president Dr. Elena Lebedeva.

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