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July 21, 2005


The POISK Centre’s team has successfully represented Russia and received an Honorable Mention at the 18th International Young Physicists’ Tournament held in Winterthur, Switzerland (July14—21, 2005).

The Young Physicists’ Tournament is not a typical competition that requires abilities to quickly solve certain tasks. The IYPT participants need to do their best in independent scientific inquiry, holding scientific communication and, overall, defending their own research projects on challenging unexplored phenomena.

The Tournament is now directly supported by the European Physical Society and aims to involve secondary school students in scientific research and develop their motivation and professional skills needed in future career.

Richard Ernst, a Swiss Nobel winner, has welcomed the participants at the opening ceremony and made a fascinating talk on the current tendencies in world science. «The science runs faster and faster. However, you must always center on the question: If you are running in the correct direction?» Dr. Ernst said.

In 2005, the IYPT has attracted 25 teams from 23 different countries. The event was held in Winterthur and Zürich (Switzerland) as a step to commemorate the100th anniversary of the Einstein’s Annus Mirabilis of 1905, widely celebrated as the World Year of Physics.

Dr. H. Hunziker of the Alte Kantosschule Aarau made a talk (at the closing ceremony) concerning the years Einstein lived in Switzerland.

The winner of the competition is the German team, prepared at Schülerfoschungszentrum (Südwürttemberg, Bad Saulgau). The team of Belarus has almost shared the victory making the best report and approaching the Germans as close as the difference in points was at the order of 10-3. Teams of Belarus and of the USA were awarded with silver.

«As a very competitive team, after 5 selective Physics Fights we have gained 216 points and missed only 4 points to win bronze. Even though our final results cannot overshadow the 2004 victory, when the team had tied for the 4th place and had won bronze medals, the preparation level of our team was very high and now we can make conclusions concerning improvements of preparation strategies in Russia like holding and promoting much more preparatory seminars and conferences in English language», said Elena Lebedeva, team leader and the POISK Centre president.

«Many teams have shown outstanding presentations and some may say that many of 2005 teams were worth the first award, but it was a competition», said Ilya Martchenko, team leader and an IYPT-veteran since 1999.

POISK Centre expresses gratitude to everyone who helped in preparation: Dr. Robert Kolalis, Dr. Evgeny Denisov, Dr. Boris Borisov, Dr. Sergey Vlasenko, Dr. Roman Panin, Dr. Alexey Pirozersky, Dr. Dmitry Lisachenko, Dmity Martchenko, Pavel Ulyanov, Arseny Lunyov, Ivan Yamschikov, Artyom Rusanov and to Dr. Sergey Pivovarov, whose support made recent achievements possible.

Congratulations to team members:

  • Mikhail Walkowski (captain)
  • Dmitry Vedenko
  • Alexander Poretsky
  • Danila Savenkov
  • Andrey Uskov

And to their leaders:

  • Dr. Elena Lebedeva (Saint Petersburg State University)
  • Ilya Martchenko (Saint Petersburg State University)

The POISK Centre starts preparations and the selection of a new, 2006, YPT team.

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