Санкт-Петербургский государственный университет



December 21, 2004


The POISK Centre launches ’Scientific Inquiry’, a research competition for university students, and offers open problems that do not have a certain known answer.

A first selective seminar of the ’Scientific Inquiry’ Olympiad was held on December 21, 2004 at POISK Centre.

Dr. Robert Kolalis (the jury chair), Dr. Elena Lebedeva (the POISK Centre president) and Dr. Ivan Grigoryev (the vice-dean at the Department of Physics, Saint Petersburg State University) have welcomed the participants at the opening ceremony.

«The traditional physics Olympiads offer problems that must be solved in few hours or even minutes. These problems have a certain answer and would not make a difficulty for a skilled specialist. However, our problems are of different type. The participants have at least several months to cope with their research projects», explained Dr. Elena Lebedeva.

«These problems never had any predetermined answer. That is why they are especially interesting for physics students. They are challenging! For example, nobody has yet explained why a disk made of cesium nitrate, when cooled in liquid nitrogen, starts attracting metal objects», said Dr. Robert Kolalis, juror at the Russian Physics Olympiad, author of many such problems and the jury chair at the POISK Centre.

Intriguing research projects were presented by Ilya Martchenko, Dmitry Zhelezov and Ivan Yamshikov presented at the first POISK Centre’s selective seminar.

The POISK Centre welcomes university students to take part in the competition.

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