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March 24, 2007


After an excellent year-long preparation, both POISK Centre’s teams are among winners at the Vserossiysky Turnir Yunykh Fizikov, the selective Russian YPT held on March19—24, 2007. The teams continue preparation to further international competitions.

In2006—2007 the POISK Centre (Russia) has performed an extraordinary work to select students and to provide support and supervision in their preparation to the 2007 Young Physicists’ Tournaments.

Two teams, of Akadimicheskaya Gimnaziya and the combined team of Saint Petersburg have involved participants from Archangelsk (Northern Russia), Saint Petersburg, Tver (Moscow region), Orel (Southern Russia), Kazan (Tatarstan), Puchezh (Volga region).

Akademicheskaya Gimnaziya team:

  • Vadim Vorobyov (Arkhangelsk), captain
  • Yury Zemlyansky (Tver)
  • Aleksander Kanivets (Saint Petersburg)
  • Andrey Selivanov (Saint Petersburg)
  • Alexey Schekochikhin (Orel).

Team leaders:

  • Dr. Elena Lebedeva, Saint Petersburg State University
  • Ilya Martchenko, Saint Petersburg State University

Combined Saint Petersburg team:

  • Dmitry Veresov (Saint Petersburg), captain
  • Lev Spodyneyko (Saint Petersburg)
  • Andrey Seryakov (Puchezh)
  • Polina Kakin (Saint Petersburg)
  • Karina Gabbasova (Kazan)

Team leader:

  • Dr. Evgeny Denisov, Saint Petersburg State University

The first of these teams has been holding the top spot throughout selective Physics Fights, with irresistible scores. All jurors in Yekaterinburg recognized the team’s qualification and often insisted that their level was much higher than of their competitors.

In the finals, Vadim Vorobyov (Archangelsk), captain, has presented the research on the problem #14 «Earthquake». The presentation had included not only the original theory and self-developed computer model of stresses and deformations in oscillating building but also experiments that helped to analyze the deformation waves and oscillations when destructing dozens of small experimental buildings. The most impressive part of the report was the research of small replicas of real buildings made of cookies. These replicas represented the real concrete building according to the theory of similarity.

Vadim Vorobyov, captain, was awarded as the absolute winner in individual rating. However, the first place overall was announced to be taken by the Yekaterinburg team and the POISK Centre’s team was ranked 2nd in the final, winning silver. The second team has gained the 3rd place and was awarded with bronze.

Throughout recent years the team selected by POISK Centre is remaining the winner at the Russian selective tournament and represents the country at the International Young Physicists’ Tournament. The team has successfully participated in Tournaments in Australia (2004), Switzerland (2005) and Slovakia (2006), and has been awarded with bronze twice, in 2004 and 2006.

«We are sure that we can use all of our potential very soon», said Vadim Vorobyov, captain.

«It was fantastic! It was like a PhD thesis defense», said Dr. M.V. Medvedev, a juror and a leading researcher at the Electrophysics Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, when commenting the POISK Centre team’s reports.

«Your team is very strong and I can’t grade you with less than 9 points», stated Dr. Grigory Minkov, senior researcher and head of electron phenomena in semi-conductors laboratory at Research Institute of Semi-conductor and Metal Physics (Yekaterinburg).

«Our team has shown perfect skills of teamwork, excellent level of preparation, profound background knowledge in physics and prominent solutions to this year’s research problems», team leader Ilya Martchenko noted.

«I’m quite satisfied with the performance of both teams and I hope that everyone has gained a lot of experience in scientific research and discussions», said Dr. Elena Lebedeva, team leader and the POISK Centre president.

The POISK Centre wishes the students and their leaders and trainers further success and thanks the professors and the postgraduate und undergraduate students at the Department of Physics: Dr. Robert Kolalis, Dr. Evgeny Denisov, Dr. Boris Borisov, Dr. Dmitry Lisachenko, Dr. Alexey Pirozersky, Dr. Vladislav Bozhevolnov, Dmitry Martchenko, Andrey Uskov, Pavel Ulianov for their invaluable help and support. POISK Centre expresses gratitude to Akademicheskaya Gimnaziya and Dr. Sergey Pivovarov who have contributed to this achievement.

The teams continue their work targeting to participate in further conferences and tournaments.

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