Санкт-Петербургский государственный университет



June 28, 2006


Annual POISK Centre’s Physics Summer Camp was organized at Baza Universitetskaya (June21—28, 2006) providing resort facilities and intensive physics training for Russian National IYPT team and many other secondary school students.

In order to raise the potential of the Russian team at IYPT, motivate the selected team and improve their English language, the participants should be given an opportunity to work in most favorable conditions that are provided at the training Summer Camp held annually since 2005.

The Camp has taken place at Baza Univesitetskaya, a resort facility of Saint-Petersburg State University. Baza Universitetskaya is located in 40 km from Saint-Petersburg (on the route to Vyborg and Helsinki) and is surrounded by native pine forests and beautiful small lakes.

The accommodation was in small cottages with all necessary facilities. The participants have stayed there for a week and spent their time practicing and improving their English-language presentations and receiving the final advices from team leaders.

«The experience of this camp was fascinating. The atmosphere of freedom, fresh air and absence of disturbing city noises greatly increased our abilities to do ’mental work’. We practiced making oppositions and reviews, made final corrections in our presentations. However, we also had enough outdoor activities, a good chance to swim or sit on a beach and afterwards return to our tasks with new strength», said Alexander Kanivets, a Russian IYPT team member.

«I enjoyed a chance to meet new people with similar interests», said Danila Savenkov, the IYPT team captain.

POISK Centre wishes the Russian team best of luck at IYPT which will take place on July5—12, 2006, in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Team members:

  • Danila Savenkov, captain
  • Alexander Kanivets
  • Alexander Poretsky
  • Andrey Selivanov
  • Andrey Uskov

Team leaders:

  • Dr. Elena Lebedeva, Saint Petersburg State University
  • Ilya Martchenko, Saint Petersburg State University

Ответственный за содержание: специалист управления по связям с общественностью С. С. Смирнова, s.s.smirnova@spbu.ru