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January 8, 2007


POISK Centre welcomes many Russian teams in Akademicheskaya Gimnaziya at the Local Young Physicists’ Tournament held in Peterhof on January5—8, 2007.

The participants included teams from Glazov (Western Siberia), Inta (Northern Russia), Leningradskaya Oblast based Intellekt Centre, Pushkin (Saint Petersburg Region), and teams from Saint Petersburg (a team of 239 Physical and Mathematical Lyceum and two teams of Akademicheskaya Gimnaziya).

The Tournament is held annually, in early January. The tasks are the same as the problems of the International Young Physicists’ Tournament (IYPT).

The Local YPT is one of the events that help POISK Centre to select a team that will do their best at the selective Vserossiysky Turnir Yunykh Fizikov to approve the right to represent Russia at IYPT. These teams are remaining irresistible winners at the selective Russian YPTs and successfully represent the country at IYPT since early 2000s.

However, the primary aim of the POISK Centre’s Local YPT is not to determine and announce the winner.

It targets to provide maximum support in preparation to international Tournaments, to help participants in exchanging ideas in physics, to develop skills of discussing research-oriented physical problems. In their invited talks at the Local YPT, university professors and «IYPT-veterans» explain and discuss various aspects of the YPT and help analyzing the problems that were proposed at IYPT in previous years. Such a practice is common for organizing committees in many countries.

«Even in the breaks between Physics Fights the participants found themselves in scientific conversations with their colleagues from other teams. This is something extraordinary», said Dr. Robert Kolalis, the jury chair.

«By 2007, the participants usually present very profound and competitive research projects. Everything indicates that they had worked hard on preparation and have obtained many results to discuss with other team members and scientists», said Ilya Martchenko, juror and the POISK Centre secretary-general.

«The participants of the Local YPT have a great opportunity to practice before the intensive training and the selection of the National team that will soon have to approve their right to represent Russia at IYPT», said the POISK Centre president Dr. Elena Lebedeva.

«We would say that this event is very successful. The number of school students attracted to our YPT activities has been rapidly increasing that proves that we are on the right track. We are implementing the principle that the educative values of YPT should be available not to a selected few, but to as many interested students as possible. The most important aspect is that teams come from many Russian cities and the geographical distribution of teams is wide and uniform», said the Organizing Committee of the event.

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