Faculty of Physics of Saint-Petersburg State University

       Freie Universität Berlin




Organizing committee:

Prof. A.M. Shikin, Coordinator of G-RISC in SPbSU

Prof. E. Rühl, Coordinator of G-RISC in FU Berlin

E. Serova,  G-RISC office in SPbSU, Head of Academic Mobility Department in Peterhof

T. Zalialiutdinov, G-RISC office in SPbSU

A. Podurets, G-RISC office in SPbSU

Program Committee:

Dr. A. A. Manshina, Faculty of Chemistry, SPSU (Section A - Chemistry)

Prof. V. N. Troyan, Faculty of Physics, SPSU & Prof. Dr. Nagnibeda, Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics, SPSU (Section B – Geo- and Astrophysics)

Prof. Dr. Volker Reitmann, Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics, SPSU (Section C – Mathematics and Mechanics)

Prof. E. O. Filatova, Faculty of Physics, SPSU (Section D – Solid State Physics) 

Prof. N. N. Zernov, Faculty of Physics, SPSU (Section E – Electromagnetic and Acoustical Processes)

Prof. N. A. Timofeev, Faculty of Physics, SPSU (Section F – Optics and Spectroscopy)

Prof. Yu. M. Pismak, Faculty of Physics, SPSU (Section G – Theoretical, Mathematical and Computational Physics)

Prof. N. V. Tsvetkov, Faculty of Physics, SPSU (Section H - Biophysics)

Prof. V. I. Chizhik, Faculty of Physics, SPSU (Section I – Resonance Phenomena in Condensed Matter)


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