Rules for authors

International student conference "SCIENCE AND PROGRESS - 2018"

November 12-14, Saint-Petersburg, Peterhof

Deadline for registration is

October 10, 2018 – for all participants (23:59 MSC)

Deadline for sending of abstracts is October 10, 2018  (23:59 MSC)

For participants from Germany only: please find an official information about free Russian scientific visa (click here) with our letter of invitation. The page 4, point f) - h) of the document. The document was download from the web-site of Russian Consulate in Germany:


Students, PhD students and young scientists are invited for participation in the Conference.  

Form of abstract

Recomendation form (template)

The length of a abstract is limited up to 1 page.

Abstracts must be written in English language (no Russian or German documents are acceptable). It must be delivered as an editable file Microsoft Word (doc format). No tex or pdf-documents are acceptable. Name of the file - Surname.doc

Page Setup: top and right margins - 1.4 cm, left margin - 2 cm, bottom margin - 1 cm; paper size - А5; portrait orientation;

Text style: character size - 10 (Times New Roman); line feed - single space; indent - 0.5 cm; space between paragraphs - 0 pt; alignment - justified; titles - centered.

To attest a signature of scientific adviser (in recommendation for russian participants) you can address: - in room 232 of Institute of Physics in "ODO" (documentation providing department), Kuz'mina Cvetlana Leonidovna (for participants of Physical Faculty), - in dean's office (for other participants)

The time length of oral talk is 10 - 12 minutes.

The recommended size of poster presentation is 90 x 90 cm 

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