Quantum Light: Quantumness of Correlations and their applications


09 февраля 2016 года в 15.10 в конференцзале НИИ физики им. В.А. Фока СПбГУ
состоится научный семинар физического факультета:

Prof. N. Korolkova,
University of St. Andrews,
Scotland, UK
Quantum Light: Quantumness of Correlations and their applications

 Author’s abstract  (доклад будет
представлен на русском языке):
In this talk I describe the nature of non-classical correlation beyond entanglement. Quantum discord is introduced as a measure of such quantum correlations and compared to some other measures. The role of system-environment coupling in dynamics of these correlations and some operational interpretations of discord are discussed, in particular activation of correlations into entanglement. The quantum nature of correlations is illustrated with an example of bright light beams. In this context, some illuminating quantum information protocols based on quantum correlations in optical modes are briefly described.
Professor Natalia Korolkova is leading Quantum Information Group in the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland since 2003. Her current research interests are in the field of quantum optics of ultrashort light pulses, quantum information using continuous variables of light and its applications in experimental quantum communication.
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